About Us


Firstly, thank you so much for visiting SnooZip, the fact that you are taking time to read this means so much to me.  SnooZip is a brand new Irish company, based in Dublin. We specialise in clever zip onesies that make nappy changing a quick and easy experience for everyone involved! After all, less time changing means more time playing!! 

I quit my job after I had my first child, nearly five years ago. Since then I have always had a drive to run my own business and launch a product within the Irish baby market. I created SnooZip after I had my second child....a crazy, little boy! He would never stop wriggling and kicking when I was trying to change his nappy, it was an impossible task and that's when I decided to create an easier option.

I researched Irish brands with zip onesies but I found they all had a zip down one leg which still made changing difficult and time consuming. Not only did I want the ankle to ankle zip but my son also suffers from terrible excema and allergies so I wanted a soft, breathable and comfortable fabric that wouldn't irritate him or cause him to become overheated as he slept. 

Our SnooZip is 100% pure cotton which allows moisture to evaporate and dry quickly. It is super soft against the most sensitive skin and there are no labels on the inside to irritate your baby. Our optional hand and feet coverings will ensure your little one will always be snug and cosy as they sleep.

We'd love to hear your feedback, or answer any questions you may have, so please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

If your little one loves their SnooZip, please share it with us, it would mean the world! Use the hashtag #SnooZip. 

Aisling x